ORIC was established in 2011 with the aim of linking university research directly with educational, social and economic priorities of CUI and its broader community. Its slogan is “Creating endless opportunities by transforming research into prosperity" The ORIC at CUI operates with the following Terms of Reference:

  • Enhancing research culture
  • Promoting inter/cross disciplinary research
  • Building university – industry linkages
  • Inculcating entrepreneurship among researchers
  • Generating intellectual property through research, innovation, and commercialization
  • Establishing technology/innovation/business parks
  • Catalyzing technology transfer through spin off companies and licensing
  • Augmenting capacity building of research/corporate community

  • To increase the skills, capacity, networks and potential of leaders and prospective water managers and policy makers, through a co-ordinated suite of Transboundary IWRM modules addressing key issues in integrated water resource management; and
  • To strengthen and sustain institutional capacity (Pakistan and Africa), by providing a platform for collaboration and institutional development via professional courses, student exchanges, professional internships and flexible learning.
  • To develop tools, case-studies and insights on Transboundary IWRM that extends global knowledge and supports integrated water resource management.
Message from Director ORIC

COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) since its inception has always focused on providing quality higher education in society. CUI believes that countries can flourish through an active research culture and a continual process of knowledge building for productivity. At CUI research, discovery and exploration of new venues for the public service is done through a rational approach of teaching and learning.

ORIC was established at CUI in 2011 with role to uplift academicians and students, facilitator to define strategy and processes with the collaboration of all stake holders.

ORICs mission is to ensure quality research in academia and bring these efforts into commercial market in a tangible and meaningful output.

ORIC at CUI bridges the academia with industry, government and multinational agencies. During this short span of time ORIC has worked on facilitating its faculty and students in doing high impact factor quality research, protecting their intellectual property rights. ORIC also rewards these efforts through Research Productivity Awards and assisting them to acquire travel and research grants from various funding agencies. ORIC Professional Development (PD) caters professionals with the skills and knowledge set required to enhance their capabilities and develop future leaders. ORIC views student startups as key contributors to global economic and social development of a country; for which Student Startup Business Centre is in place at six campuses. The centers have been setup to inculcate the culture of innovation, research and commercialization through entrepreneurship among the youth and nourishing them to be a productive entity. The student ideas are fostered and ported to reality by providing platform of business incubation center.

We realize the challenges that had previously hindered universities to play an active role in the development of the societies. Keeping in view, at ORIC we are focused and committed in developing strategic and quality enhancement policies. With the aim to strengthen the CUI knowledge ecosystem, to meet the ever growing challenges of time. We are continuously working for the betterment of society by transforming the innovative ideas into reality through R&D, So that our country can stand proudly among the developed nations.

Prof. Dr. Shahid A. Khan

Message from Incharge ORIC

The mission of CUI meshes very well with its strategic aim of developing a knowledge economy benefitting socio-economic environment in the country. To fulfill this purpose, the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) was established in 2011 with the aim of linking university research directly with educational, social, and economic priorities of CUI and its broader community. Its slogan is “creating endless opportunities by transforming research into prosperity”. Establishing the liaison among the University, industry and society and to find appropriate placement for our graduates in the competitive market are the primary focused of ORIC at CUI Wah. Additionally, this liaison between university and industry will offer research based solutions to the industrial problems.

Highly qualified and professional faculty and lab facilities are the expression of our efforts and great strength, which we are using for the growth and advancement of our students. ORIC’s efforts for promoting research at the University will equip students with up-to-date knowledge for not only facing the competition in the market, but also meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

Dr. Nadia Nawaz

Name Department HEC Code #
1 Prof. Dr. Sajjad A Madani Director CUI Wah 17834
2 Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Electrical Engineering 29334
3 Dr. Sajjad Ali Haider Electrical Engineering 32213
4 Dr. Tallha Akram Electrical Engineering 32951
5 Dr. Syed Rameez Naqvi Electrical Engineering 32950
6 Dr. M. Altaf Electrical Engineering 33863
7 Dr. M. Awais Electrical Engineering 31524
8 Dr. Hafiz M. Omer Chughtai Electrical Engineering 44526
9 Dr. Nadia Nawaz Electrical Engineering 18581
10 Mr. Zeeshan Kaleem Electrical Engineering 17850
11 Dr. M. Naeem Electrical Engineering 18035
12 Dr. Umer Javed Electrical Engineering 18035
13 Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Electrical Engineering 17864
14 Dr. Zahoor Uddin Electrical Engineering 67061
15 Dr. Ayaz Ahmad Electrical Engineering 17692
16 Dr. Wilayat Khan Electrical Engineering 17786
17 Dr. Saima Gulzar Ahmad Computer Sciences 29661
18 Dr. Faisal Azam Computer Sciences 18965
19 Dr. Mudassar Raza Computer Sciences 29554
20 Dr. Saeed Ur Rehman Computer Sciences 29399
21 Dr. Tassawar Iqbal Computer Sciences 44495
22 Dr. Anum Masood Computer Sciences 55811
23 Dr. Jamal Hussain Shah Computer Sciences 33860
24 Dr. Sulma Rashid Computer Sciences 17449
25 Dr. Nadir Shah Computer Sciences 17373
26 Dr. Mussarat Yasmin Computer Sciences 18084
27 Dr. Muhammad Wasif Nisar Computer Sciences 66554
28 Dr. Ehsan Ullah Munir Computer Sciences 66559
29 Dr. Hikmat Ullah Khan Computer Sciences 18920
30 Dr. Saleha Masood Computer Sciences 87254
31 Dr. M. Sharif Computer Sciences 18436
32 Dr. Yasir Bashir Mathematics 33759
33 Dr. M. Waseem Mathematics 33812
34 Dr. Abdul Qayyum Management Sciences 55357
35 Dr. Amer Rajput Management Sciences 55780
36 Dr. Majid Jamal Khan Management Sciences 55807
37 Dr. Tamkeen Fatima Management Sciences 66198
38 Dr. Samina Nawab Management Sciences 44540
39 Dr. Khuram Shafi Management Sciences 17474
40 Dr. Muhammad Yar Khan Management Sciences 17846
41 Dr. Adnan Nawaz Civil Engineering 29682
42 Dr. Ali Usman Mechanical Engineering 17695
Departments Ongoing Projects Ongoing (Rs in millions) Completed Projects Completed (Rs in millions) Total
1 Mathematics 0 0 9 2.8 9
2 Computer Sciences 5 40.4 7 2.73 12
3 Electrical and Computer Engineering 3 2.13 17 6.67 20
4 Management Sciences 1 3.18 11 6.82 12
5 Mechanical Engineering 6 11.84 1 0.58 7
6 Interdisciplinary Research Center (IRC) 1 31.5 0 0 1
7 Civil Engineering 1 9.08 3 1.02 4
8 Library 0 0 1 0.93 1
Total 17 98.13 49 21.55 66
Principal Organizer Designation Department Program Date venue Date of Submission Funding agency Amount
1 Dr. Ehsan Ullah Munir Associate Professor / HoD Computer Sciences 14 th International Conference on Frontier of Information Technology (FIT-16) 19-21
Serena Hotel Islamabad Oct-16 HEC 1145000
2 Dr. Ehsan Ullah Munir Associate Professor / HoD Computer Sciences 15th International Conference on Frontier of Information Technology (FIT-17) 18-20
Serena Hotel Islamabad Oct-17 HEC 1047250
3 Dr. Ehsan Ullah Munir Associate Professor / HoD Computer Sciences 16th International Conference onFrontiers of Information Technology (FIT 2018) 17-19
COMSTECH Secretraiat, 33-Constitution Avenue G-5/2 Islamabad 29-Oct-2018 HEC 1155500
4 Dr. Ehsan Ullah Munir Associate Professor / HoD Computer Sciences 17th International Conference onFrontiers of Information Technology (FIT- 2019) 16-18
COMSTECH Secretraiat, 33-Constitution Avenue G-5/2 Islamabad 17-Sep-19 HEC 656651
Total 4004401
  • National Electronics Complex of Pakistan inks MoU with COMSATS University

    A Memorandum of Understanding between the National Electronics Complex of Pakistan and COMSATS University Islamabad was signed at the Principal Seat of the later in Islamabad.

    Click for details

  • Roundtable Discussion & Devising Future Research Activities with Pakistan Ordnance Factories (R&D) Division

    The meeting was conducted on Monday, 15th February 2021 at the COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) Wah ECE’s Conference Hall, at 10.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. The main objective is to establish Industry academia collaboration between POF (R&D) Division and CUI, Wah as per the directions of Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST).

  • Visit to National Electronics Complex of Pakistan (NECOP) NESCOM

    Director, CUI Wah Prof. Dr. Sajjad A. Madani had a short meeting with Director General NECOP, Dr. Sajid Baloch along with Dr. Nadia Nawaz, RFP, ORIC. The visit was conducted on Wednesday, 28 October 2020 at the National Electronics Complex of Pakistan (NECOP), Islamabad at 10.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m.

Intellectual Property Policy.

“The Intellectual Property (IP) Policy is intended as a guide for the employees and students of COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI). The policy is instituted to secure and protect IP, which results from the research activities of faculty, staff and students.

  • Purpose
    The purpose of IP Policy is to:
    • Provide necessary security, protection and incentivization of the discovery and development of invention or innovation through knowledge generation, its transfer for the public good and contribution to the economy.
    • Generate revenue for the University and financial rewards to the inventor/innovator.
    • Promote freedom of the University to produce IP.
    • Enhance competitive advantage of the University among peer institutions of the world.
  • Ownership
    The University shall be the owner of all inventions/innovations or any other copyrightable work produced by the employees through the University’s Fund and/or using the following conditions:
    • If the invention/innovation is made by the employee through the University’s fund (Patent Filing Fee, research support or by using any of the University’s infrastructure and/or support,) the University shall be owner of the IP of the work and all royalties/grants shall accrue to the University.
    • If the research leading to the creation of an IP was funded through a grant or from a funding body, public or private, the terms of the grant as mutually agreed between the funding body and the University shall determine the ownership of IP generated through the funding.
    • If the University’s resources are used and the funding is generated from any external source, the University shall be the owner of any IP thus generated.
    • If a researcher has come up with an invention/innovation as part of his/her employment obligations, the University shall retain exclusive rights to the IP thus generated, even if University’s resources or funds have not been used.
    • In case an IP is generated which is not in the research interest of the University, the Dean of Research Innovation & Commercialization may use his discretionary authorization to grant freedom of filing of IP by the inventor.
    • If a student’s thesis/dissertation contains patentable research leading to IP, the University shall be the owner of such IP.
  • Commercialization
    The Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC), shall be responsible for evaluating, securing and commercializing the University’s IP and shall administer all relevant Institutional policies for its commercialization.
    • The University may determine means to protect the IP for the purpose of commercialization of such innovation/invention.
    • The University shall inform the inventor/innovator prior to filing for patent. However, in such eventuality the inventor/innovator shall fulfill all criteria and present all the data as and when required.
    • The University on it sole discretion is entitled to approach, negotiate, and enter into any agreement with any external party regarding commercialization of the invention/innovation.
  • IP Disclosure Information
    The following information shall invariably accompany the disclosure documentation by the inventor/innovator while submitting it to ORIC: A statement to the best of the knowledge of the inventor/innovator that the invention/innovation has been made by the said inventor/innovator and not by anyone else. Any other IP already in place intended to be used as a reference to practice the invention.
  • Revenue from Intellectual Property
    The revenue accrued from the commercialization of the IP owned by the University shall be shared between the inventor/innovator and the University at the following terms. The Revenue shall be divided between the inventor/innovator and the University according to the following rations:
    • Inventor/Innovator – 75 %
    • b. University’s ORIC Fund – 25 %
  • Administration
    The Relevant Campus from where the IP is being filed by the applicant shall bear the Patent Filing Fee. ORIC shall advise the University regarding taking up of, or application thereof, any IP of its employee for patent protection or any commercial project. The inventor/innovator may not accept any amount/royalty/favor in request of lending the IP for commercial purposes without prior written permission of the Institution.
  • Financial Support
    CUI will pay up to a maximum of US$ 15,000/- (Fifteen thousand dollars) for filing of a patent outside of Pakistan, which amount includes the maintenance fee for 20 years of the patent. CUI will pay all applicable fee for filing of a Pakistan patent application as in vogue at the time. *The IP Policy, upon approval of the Competent Authority, maybe amended from time to time.”
  • Dr. Nadia Nawaz
    Incharge ORIC
    Email: drnadia@ciitwah.edu.pk
    Phone: +92 51 9314382-83
  • Raja Asif Nazir
    Superintendent ORIC
    Email: asif.786@ciitwah.edu.pk
  • Address
    Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)
    Admin Block, Ground Floor Room No. 18,
    COMSATS University Islamabad Wah Campus.
    Phone: +92 51 9314382-83
Departments 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Total
1 Computer Sciences 12 06 91 82 61 252
2 Electrical & Computer Engineering 35 53 63 80 96 327
3 Mathematics 17 8 55 59 20 159
4 Mechanical Engineering 4 11 11 9 10 45
5 Management Sciences 15 15 20 35 10 62
6 Civil Engineering 0 05 15 34 48 102
Total 83 98 255 299 245 947