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  1. IRC (Interdisciplinary Research Center)

    The Interdisciplinary Research Centre is to conduct interdisciplinary research and development projects in the field of engineering and sciences with the goal to design, analysis and optimization for the development of products and processes indigenously for local industry and society for socioeconomic development of Pakistan in specific and for the global community in general.

  2. UWC (UNESCO Water Chair)

    UNESCO Chair is an International inter university cooperation and networking to enhance the capacities through knowledge sharing and collaborative work.

  3. OPTRIC (Optimization Research and Innovation Center)

    OPTRIC researchers carry out advanced studies in the solution of difficult, large-scale optimization problems, with special focus on state-of-the-art implementation of modern algorithms. We are primarily interested in the solution of problems with practical relevance, and we actively seek collaboration with industrial partners.

  4. ACRC (Antenna & Communication Research Center)

    ACRC bring together the research excellence of individuals and groups across the university. The Antenna & Communication Research Centre specializes in the analysis, design and measurement of antennas and associated devices for wireless communications. With several years of applied research experience and it has the capability to build an international reputation for innovative futuristic concepts and solutions to contemporary industrial challenges.

Please visit our official website faculty profiles for the list of researchers.