Campus Safety

CUI Wah committed to provide a safe and secure environment to its employees, students and visitors. To ensure the safety of all stakeholders, the management of CUI Wah Campus has taken following steps:
  • The Campus Safety Committee regularly conduct its meetings to explore the issues related to safety and security of the campus and recommend solutions to the management.
  • SoPs and Lab Safety Manuals are properly displayed and implemented.
  • Assembly areas are defined and marked to rescue in case of emergency.
  • Safety Walks, Seminar and Training are regularly conducted.
  • Emergency contact numbers are displayed in buildings/offices.
  • Two ambulances are provided to rescue and provide medical assistance at Campus and Hostel.
  • Fire extinguishers are installed in buildings, Labs, and classrooms.
  • Walkthrough gates are installed on entry gates.
  • Security Cameras are installed and monitored to ensure safety in the Campus.


The Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Committee of the Department of Mechanical Engineering conducted a comprehensive safety drill on November 16, 2023.

  • Thursday, November 16, 2023
  • CUI, Wah Campus

The Environmental Health and Safety Committee of the Mechanical Engineering Department arranged firefighting training for faculty and staff of the department on 22nd August 2023. The staff of the Students Affairs Department also attended the training session.

  • Tuesday, August 22, 2023
  • CUI, Wah Campus

A seminar on “Road Safety” was conducted on December 4, 2019 by the Directorate of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POFs), Wah Cantt

  • Monday, December 9, 2019
  • CUI, Wah Campus

COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Wah Campus organized seminar on “Road Safety Awareness” with the aim of raising awareness of traffic rules and regulations among students and employees.

  • Friday, October 25, 2019
  • CUI, Wah Campus