Online Student Information System

CU-Online, is an integrated educational system manages all educational and administrative operations smoothly through user friendly Interfaces. It includes the management of general student information, facility for educators to access curriculum resources, and a powerful analytical reporting capability for different types of users. The Cu-Online focuses on this tradition to enable educators to instantly gain a subtle understanding of their teachers' and students' performance. It covers all aspects of students' information using state-of-the-art on-line features, so that authorized students, concerned educators and parents can access needed information from any location. The system can be accessed by using standard Web browsers via Internet and/or a virtual private network (VPN) which allows a user to reach all applications through a single sign in, giving the User Interface a friendly look. It also validates users through password and other security measures. It enables the access to different areas of the system based on user roles and security authorization. In a nutshell it's a multi user, user friendly environment, helping the universities to promote quality education. And it aims to broaden and deepen the expertise and experience of personnel concerned with automation of processes.