Dr. Muhammad Abid

Director IRC / Chairman & Professor Mechanical Engineering Program PhD in Mechanical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

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Research Interest & Expertise
  • Bio inspired Sensing and Bio inspired Actuation
  • Alternate energy technologies including power production using photovoltaic systems, Biogas, Micro hydro Power Plants etc.
  • Design and Analysis of Gasketed and Non-Gasketed Bolted Pipe Joints under combined loading applications such as axial, bending and internal pressure loadings to determine actual joint load capacity using experimental, analytical and Numerical techniques.
  • Performance evaluation of bolted flanged pipe joints under combined internal pressure and thermal loading using experimental, analytical and Numerical techniques.
  • Study of gasketed bolted flanged joint relaxation behavior and optimization to for better joint performance using experimental, analytical and Numerical techniques.
  • Welding Deformation and residual stress measurement studies using experimental, analytical and Numerical techniques.
  • Water and sediment flow simulations through Tarbela dam reservoir and tunnels.
  • Cavitation and erosion analysis of Francis Turbine blades, casing and air relief valves.
  • Erosion rate measurements using different sizes, shapes and quantity of particles.
  • Surface sensitivity and reliability analysis studies of non-gasketed joints using experimental techniques.
  • Design, Analysis and Testing of Push Pipe Joints using experimental, analytical and Numerical techniques.
  • Design optimization of Overhead Crane Girders using analytical and Numerical techniques.
  • Application of Modular Design approaches and Enterprise Engineering
  • Simulation and modeling of high speed machining and cutting using numerical techniques.
  • Leak detection systems study and implementation
  • Leak rate measurement using experimental, analytical and numerical techniques.
  • Development of adaptive mesh generation algorithms and code parallelization for high performance computing.
  • Development of moving mesh techniques.

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As Chairman Mechanical Engineering following activities are performed so far;
  • Visited Sahiwal campus (Interaction, motivation, guidance reg curriculum developments and faculty hiring etc)
  • FYPs list circulated to involve faculty in practical projects
  • Developed Curriculums on IME (UG) and MS Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with DME faculty
  • Chaired BoS meeting in Feb 2015 and get approved two curriculums;
    • UG curriculum in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
    • MS program in Mechanical Engineering
  • Attended BoF meeting held in March 2015 and presented both programs and minor corrections are recommended by committee to be incorporated to proceed further.
  • Working on Erasmus funding for student and staff exchange program – proposal submitted.
  • Visits to different campuses as Chairman is planned as per advice of Dean Engineering in May 2015 for monitoring and guidance to different programs in progress.
  • Coordination with different industries for internship of students ad final year projects
  • Planning of first international conference on Mechanical Engineering Sciences at CIIT Sahiwal
  • PEC Accreditation for next years

Prof. Muhammad Abid, PhD
Director, Interdisciplinary Research Center (IRC)
COMSATS Univertsity, GT Road Wah Cantt, Pakistan
Phone: +92(51) 9314382-83, (51) 9272614-15, +92 (51) 4534200-02; Cell: +92 (300) 5394185
Fax: +92 (51) 4546850
Email: drabid@ciitwah.edu.pk

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