One of the objectives of IRC is working with industrial community to benefit Pakistani industry for socioeconomic growth. In this regard following is done so far;

HIT Projects

Following activities are taken so far with HIT for industrial projects

  • Visit of Dr Adnan from HIT Taxila and his presentation with 17 faculty members of CIIT Wah from all departments. A list of almost 60 projects is circulated by HIT for possible research collaboration in multidiscipline.
  • Following visits are undertaken in HIT by the different groups of CIIT Campuses; projects were discussed with their scope and it was decided to make research group including BS, MS and PhD level students to achieve tangible results. HIT ensured all support and cooperation for providing any related data, drawings, information, space to work and testing facility for practical work and others. CIIT Wah faculty has already taken a couple of projects to move forward after physically visiting HIT as it made many queries clear.
  • Visit was held on 10.11.2014 to HIT by 7 faculty members of CIIT Wah Campus from CS, Maths, ME and EE departments. They have already selected 2 projects.
  • Visit of 6 faculty members from Maths department of CIIT Attock campus alongwith HoD Dr Sadia Siddiqa was done along with Dr Abid in the second week of January 2015. They have already selected one big project.
  • Visit of 8 faculty members from EE department of CIIT Attock Campus was held in the last week of January 2015. They have primarily gone through the list of projects and plan to give their input.
  • Visit of Dr Adnan and Dr Abid to CIIT Islamabad campus to give a detailed presentation to Mathematics faculty of CIIT Islamabad Campus. It was based on a detailed meeting and discussion during FIT 2014 and on the invitation of Dr Tahira Haroon. Dr Adnan introduced projects by HIT and Dr Abid introduced Computational mechanics importance and introduced IRC and the graduate programs under progress of approval. It was highly appreciated by the CIIT Islamabad faculty. A working paper is under progress to bring this project of HIT engine development as a package in CIIT in collaboration of IRC and Dr Tahira Haroon. A couple of faculty members have already started work on these projects.
  • During my visit to Sahiwal Campus as Chairman Mechanical Engineering and Director IRC, projects of HIT were discussed and it was decided to select certain project as Final Year projects to proceed. It was also decided that later on as the semester ends DME faculty would like to visit HIT as well based on most of the projects are mechanical discipline related.
  • Joint research work regarding HIT project is also started at Abbottabad campus. Dr Ayub and his team are involved. A meeting is planned jointly with Dr Tahira Haroon, Dr Adnan and Director IRC soon to give presentation to Mathematics faculty and get them involved.
  • Work is also initiated with BZU Multan and they are jointly working on Combustion and Turbulance with IRC and work has been presented regularly in meetings and in conference recently in NUST.
  • Work is jointly in progress with LUMS.

AGECO Pvt Limited
  • Visit of Mr Aslam Azad Managing Director of AGECO Pvt Ltd on 10th October 2014; the objective is to offer CIIT Wah the opportunity to work closely with industry for real world projects they are doing to benefit Pakistani community in renewable and many other areas. They are ready to offer a package of internships, Final Year Projects and equipment if needed for projects. All HoDs and faculty is invited to attend meeting.
  • Mr Aslam Azad with his team visited CIIT Wah Campus, had meeting with Dr Tayyeb and then had a detailed presentation and meeting with CIIT Wah Faculty. It is pertinent to mention that more than 20 faculty members from all departments attended meeting along with their HoDs. At the end Mr Aslam Azad shared a list of projects with the faculty to do for them and ensured his full cooperation to provide all possible facilitation to the faculty and students. They also showed and drove solar car on campus with faculty on board to motivate to participate in its design improvement and provide technical help and projects for its smooth operation. Thanks to Dr Tayyeb who fully also ensured cooperation of CIIT Wah for any joint possibilities with AGECO Ltd. At the end a shield was also presented to Mr. Azad. Special thanks to Dr Wasif Nisar for coordinating this activity along with me.
  • Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), organized a meeting of the technical committee for four wheeler (Solar) which was attended by 7 Government organizations, 3 academic institutions and 2 other private organizations.

HMC Ltd. Taxila
  • A preliminary visit on the invitation of HMC Ltd Taxila personnel is done in first week of December 2014, as they are interested to involve academia for projects related to micro hydro power plants as they have a number of projects in hand and in process. Further discussion is planned in February as they are little late for certain information required from sites.

Pakistan House
  • Mr. Rana Athar Javed visited CIIT Wah to explore possibilities of joint working.
  • Organization of Joint 1st International Seminar on water and National Security: Reassessing Internal and External Challenges of Pakistan at the end of March 2015
Pakistan House
  • A meeting was held with Mr Saeed A kHan Director AirEng Company and discussed about the involvement of academia for research for the improvement of design of blowers and fans and other issues. Most work is related to CFD analysis and design validations for their existing product and optimizations for improved performances.

Meetings planned and work in progress
  • ASHRAE Northern Chapter to start student chapter to benefit students and promote students in industrial project activity, placements, internships and international and national design competitions.
  • Contact with Chamber of Commerce‚Äôs at Haripur, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar for interaction, open house, internships and projects. Letters will be sent to them soon.

Following are the memorandom of understanding signed with internation and national institutions for collaborative research

  • MoU with NPU China: Some of the applications from Sahiwal Campus are submitted to NPU for MS degree in Mechanical discipline. Some colleagues also contacted from CIIT Wah and other places.
    click here to download
  • MoU with University of Genova Italy (PMAR Robotics Lab) ( and COMSATS is signed by CIIT authorities and sent to Italy for their signatures.

    Expected outcomes include
    • 1 or 2 PhD fully funded scholarships. COMSATS faculty members going for PhD abroad can target this scholarship.
    • Marie Curie exchange Fellowship that is offered to only students who are doing PhD and want to go abroad for 1 or 2 years for research. Anyone doing PhD can target this fellowship.
    • The faculty members going abroad for PhD on HEC scholarship. They usually need admission offer letter from University. This can help in getting this offer.
  • MoU signed with CECOS University Peshawar for interdisciplinary research with Institute of Integrative Biosciences and Advanced manufacturing.
  • MoU under progress with University Technology Malaysia
International Projects
  • Submitted
    • Pak- US funding
      Following two project proposals are submitted under Pak US funding call;
      • Title:"Towards a better utilization of Pakistan's water resources: An integrated (GRACE, SWAT, field, remote sensing) approach for monitoring and modelling natural and anthropogenic induced variations"
        Partner: Western Michigan University, USA
      • Design, Analysis, Fabrication, Installation and Testing of Efficient Vertical Axis Wind Turbin e Farm for Urban and Rural Areas in Pakistan
    • Dr Nadia was linked by me under IRC with Prof Irfan S. Ahmed of UIUC USA and a joint proposal is submitted by them
    • A project of Dr Qazi Samiullah is under discussion for joint research with UIUC USA and University of Malaya, Malaysia regarding CRFP.

National Projects
  • Joint research proposals with Energy Center CIIT Lahore
    PC1 and proposal for different projects are under discussion on renewable energy center
    IRC is ready to work on the following projects and can provide services for others;
    • Design, analysis, optimization, manufacturing and implementations of Renewable Energy Systems including;
    • Wind Turbines (horizontal and vertical); helical turbines, spiral wind turbines
    • Wind turbine farms for urban, rural and industrial applications
    • micro hydropower plants for power generation of 5-10 kW for run-of-the-river applications
    • spiral water pumps for water pumping and power generation for run-of-the-river applications
    • Solar Systems
    • Energy audits of different industries including textile mills, power plants, sugar mills, glass industry and others
    • Modeling, simulation and optimization of industrial buildings for energy efficiency studies and provide recommendations for energy conservations.
    • Simulation of sediment issues in water reservoirs and (open and close) channels for increased life for power generations
  • Joint Research proposal is under development with CECOS University Peshawar. Details are available at
  • Focus Research Area
    Keeping in view the practical problems faced by Pakistani community priority research areas of the center identified are Water, Health, Energy and Defense in addition to any others.
    Some of the initially identifies projects with different disciplines in CIIT WAH are listed below;
    • Remote Structural Health Monitoring of bridges and buildings
    • Remotely operated vehicles and UAVs for canals and reservoirs health monitoring
    • Development of Contact pressure measurement technology for industrial and medical applications
    • Development of facilitation gadgets for Hajis in Saudi Arabia
    • Development of bar code scanner system for Library and shopping Malls etc
    • Water purification
    • Water potential measurement
    • Bio inspired sensing and bio inspired actuations
    • Modeling and simulation of oil and gas exploration
    • Environmentally Controlled Poultry Shed
  • Some research topics in progress
    • Pressurized Systems (pressure vessels and piping systems, Flange Joints, Push Pipe Joints, Leak rate measurements)
    • Computational Welding Mechanics
    • Water and sediment flow simulations through Tarbela dam reservoir and tunnels.
    • Cavitation and sediments erosion analysis through tunnels and turbines
    • Design optimization of Overhead Crane Girders
    • Simulation of high speed machining and cutting
    • Development of numerical methods for column buckling analysis
    • CFD Analysis of Environmentally Controlled Poultry Sheds for optimized performance
    • Bioinformatics
  • Projects under collaborative discussion at CUIWAH (but are not limited to)
    • Remote Structural Health Monitoring of bridges and buildings
    • Remotely operated vehicles and UAVs for canals and reservoirs health monitoring
    • Development of Contact pressure measurement technology for industrial and medical applications
    • Development of facilitation gadgets for Hajis
    • Remote monitoring and control of Environmentally Controlled Poultry Sheds
    • Water potential measurement in agriculture sector and throughout Pakistan
    • Oil and gas exploration modeling and simulation
    • Development of bar code scanner system for Library and shopping Malls etc
    • Offering of Short Specialized Course under IMechE for Pakistani Industry by Management Department
    • Solar driven car
Within CIIT:

Based on the common research interest with faculty at CIIT Wah, following projects are identified and joint work is initiated. Regarding discussion and progress monitoring 3 to four meetings with faculty from EE, CE and Maths department are taken place. Meetings are also planned with CS and other faculties. Thanks to colleagues for their interests.

  • Modeling and analysis of Tank Engines for HIT EE. Maths, ME
  • Remote Structural Health Monitoring of bridges and buildings EE, ME
  • Remote monitoring and control of Environmentally Controlled Poultry Sheds EE, ME
  • Water and composite structures related - (proposal submitted)ME, CE
With other National and International Institutions
  • BZU Multan
    • For research on combustion and Turbulence for Hit project)
    • Preparing a short course on Applied FEA for their students and faculty
    • Preparing to offer course on Coaching Dynamic
  • LUMS
    • For research on engine cylinder and piston design with Dr Amer and his group
  • NUST and GIKI
    • For research on bolted pipe joints
  • Islamic University Madina, Saudi Arabia
    • On buckling of structures and computational wave propagation, bolted joints
  • Taibah University Madina, Saudi Arabia
    • On erosion analysis of vertical axis wind turbines
  • Co-Supervision of PhD student at University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • Consultant with Taibah University, KSA
  • Joint research with Islamic University of Medina and King Abdul Aziz University, KSA and University of Genova Italy.